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The sexiest women of all time

4th September 2012

A friend asked me the other day "if you could have the power to make love to any women who has ever lived, in their heyday, who would you choose. Pick five!" Now this is a really tricky thing to do, just think how many incredibly sexy women that have walked the earth. Of course with some such as Cleopatra one has to rely on contemporary accounts and because she was a powerful queen she probably got a more than favourable press. More recently there are beauties such as Napolean's Jospehine or Nelson's Emma Hamilton, who looks such a sexy minx in the portrait by George Romney, painted when she would have been around eighteen years old. You can see why he cheated on his wife when you look into her mischievous, teasing eyes. Moving closer to th epresent day we have the benefit of moving pictures and of course you can't think movies without thinking Marilyn Monroe, the bleached blonde bombshell with the sexiest wiggle in th ehistory of cinema and a reputation as a very naughty girl indeed. I also have a soft spot for Claudia Cardinale - there is a sex scene in Once Upon a Time in the West that is red hot. Then we have Raquel Welsh, the nubile cavegirl in One Million Years BC. In the eighties there was the emergence of Kim Basinger - what red blooded man didn't desire her having watched Nine and a Half Weeks? At th eend of the nineties Kylie Minogue was hot, and the there was Angelina and then Megan Fox. Today we have so many beautiful women to choose from but I can't agree with FHM that Tulisa is number one!

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