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The right kind of engagement

10th October 2012

I can’t say I have the hots for Jennifer Aniston these days though back in the day during her Friends hay day or when she was giving Ben Stiller a good time in Along Came Polly I would have been round her place as fast as a speeding bullet, but I am pleased that the terminally unlucky in love actress has at last bagged a fella who is prepared to say ‘I do’. Ms Aniston has frightened off plenty of potential suitors by her public pronouncements such as ‘I want to have children’ – a passion killer if ever there was one. Someone should have told the nubile forty something that you have hot sex first, baby later, unless you’re a teenager in modern Britain but that’s another story.

Anyway, the formerly sexually alluring and delightful Jennifer is now boasting a rock the size of Ben Nevis on her left ring finger. Lacking in taste? Maybe. Unmissable? Definitely and I guess that is the point. She’s not announcing that she is engaged so much as shouting it from the rafters! I – AM – GETTING – MARRIED! You could almost add hip hip hooray to the end of that sentence!

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