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The hot Middlesex girls and their fruity fetish

15th March 2012

I had begun to wonder when Roger would get involved in the lusty action. His wife, the part time model Sylvia had been eagerly enjoying my young and nubile body for some time and the man must have been turned on by the sight of her making love to a gorgeous visiting escort surely? And yet he had just sat back in a leather chair and relaxed, enjoying the show and never once taking his eyes off our slim and toned torsos. It seemed strange somehow that he wasn't busting a gut to get hold of our curves!

And then I realised just what was the issue. Sylvia was expertly pleasuring me with her tongue and I was almost literally riding her face when she suddenly stopped and commanded her husband to take off his clothes. He did so but still didn’t make any move to enjoy the writhing bodies of us two hot Middlesex girls. Again it took Sylvia to provide an order and Roger would comply. The couple clearly enjoyed a level of domination and submission and having me as the object of Roger’s frustrated desires was a big turn on for the sexy girl. She was using me to tease and tempt him but then was controlling just what pleasure he was allowed to have. So far his enjoyment had been limited to that of a voyeur and naked I could see the physical sign of his excitement, his manhood stiff and erect.

Sylvia then told him to use his tongue to prepare her for sex and then she ordered him to take her hard. The threesome was heating up and Sylvia timed her licking and sucking of my erogenous zone to perfection as we both came together. This seemed to be a signal to Roger that he was now in control and he began telling his lusty wife just what and what not to do. His interest was in me and he soon had his wife caressing and kissing my body as he readied himself to enter me, my ankles resting on his shoulder as he penetrated me and thrust deep and stiff within. The sensations that raced through my body were electric and intoxicating. I needed him and I gyrated and thrust my hips to enjoy him all the more, whilst increasing the sensation in his engorged member.

I was still reliving the sex fest in my head the next day as I made my way to see a client of Middlesex visiting escort services. The client was looking for a sexy girl who was up for some fun. If only he knew just what I had been up to the night before then the question would never have been asked! I loved my work as a busty escort and the client could rest assured that he would soon be enjoying a sensual massage second to none!