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The devilishly sexy girl with the angel tattoo

30th March 2012

I wasn’t sure what to make of Sally. When I saw her face I thought what a pretty girl next door type, an English rose and all that, in fact every cliché involving sweet and innocent rattled about inside my head. But when I saw her body, covered in all sorts of colourful tattoos my preconceptions were somewhat shattered and I began wondering what was her motivation for inking her skin whilst also thinking just how hot and naughty she looked and I hoped she would be and thinking about what we could get up to in the bedroom... When I eventually managed to seduce the sexy Middlesex girl and got to know her I realised that she was indeed wild and uncontrollable, a sexual force of nature and that we would have one hell of a swinging time together.

Hot girl on girl action is one thing and I have enjoyed more than my fair share of illicit liaisons with Middlesex girls and busty escort colleagues alike but with Sally it all went to another level. For one thing she was very forward when it came to expressing herself, it was also the case that if she was feeling horny then she would act on it, whether the object of her affections was male or female and regardless of whether I was with her or not.

It was strange looking back on our first sexual encounter, after we had met in a pub in Northwood, the Gate. I had planned a long and slow seduction, perhaps suggesting at the end of the evening that we go on somewhere else giving me more of an opportunity to ply the juicy young vixen with more wine before taking the plunge and suggesting we warm a bed together. In fact we had only half drunk our glasses of wine when Sally, almost indifferently stated that my choice of pub wasn’t to her tastes and she was bored so why don’t we go and have sex... Incredible!

My friends at Middlesex escorts recoiled in amazement when I recounted the tale and many of the busty escorts asked me for her phone number! It had been something of a surprise to be propositioned so suddenly and without any sense of game playing and you know I loved it! I loved her openness, her honesty, her frank manner and the fact that she embraced her sexuality and lived for hot and sexy fun. I just knew I was going to have one hell of a ride with this she wolf and so I thought, ok, let’s get it on. We left immediately and made our way over to Feltham where she had a place, though I think squat might have been a better description!