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Erotic Memoirs of a Middlesex Escort

The accountant, his wife, the escort and her lover...

9th March 2012

Roger was beaming, his smile extending from one ear to the other as he enjoyed the sexy show, the two hot Middlesex girls entwined and enjoying an orgy of hot sex. One of the sexy girls was his wife Sylvia, a ravishing blonde in her early thirties and a sometime actress and model. The other girl was Gemma, a sexually liberated twenty two year old who worked two jobs, as a bar maid in a trendy Uxbridge wine bar weekday lunchtimes and as a visiting escort from Middlesex Visiting Escort most evenings. The hot girls shared a love of sex and were both delicious, ravishing, captivating beauties with bodies to die for and an uncomplicated view of love and sex. What most united the girls however was their insatiable, never ending need for new and unusual physical experiences and this was how Roger had been able to play out his fantasies for the last two years of their marriage.

The agreement was simple, they didn’t have an open relationship, and they did not date other people. What they did was to invite singles and couples to their home for swinging sex sessions. When a single it was always a girl, and whilst Roger knew that this was somehow wrong and said more about his lack of confidence in his relationship than anything about his attitude to sex. He had no problem on those occasions his wife was bedded by another man when there was also another woman present to pleasure him and be pleasured herself, though even then the sex went on in separate rooms. Roger just couldn’t abide the idea of two dicks in the same room, unless it was a toilet!

Gemma had been on her own when the couple had latched on to her at the club, having just rowed with her latest boyfriend leading him to walk off and abandon her to her own devices. She was in the mood to teach him a lesson and so had responded warmly to the couple’s advances. Now though she was totally rapt in the moment, the regular pulsing sensations of pleasure throbbing through the hot Middlesex girl leaving her breathless but eager for more.

Sylvia gave Gemma the most fabulous, warm and sexy sensual massage before turning her over and using her tongue to swamp the young girl’s face, neck and breasts with kisses, her tongue lingering over the erect nipples on her pert breasts and on her exposed belly button as she stripped the hot busty escort naked and enjoyed every inch of her nubile torso. Roger looked on, eager to get to grips with the two sexy women but wanting to enjoy their erotic performance as long as he could. He enjoyed his wife’s lusty use of the girl and became ever more aroused as he realised that Sylvia genuinely liked and wanted the hot Middlesex escort.