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Erotic Memoirs of a Middlesex Escort

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21st February 2012

When Anthony walked in on the hot Middlesex girls just as they were stripping each other naked and enjoying some raunchy foreplay his face was a picture of lust and he wasted little time in becoming involved in the sexy drama unfolding before him. Taking each girl in his arms in turn he kissed them and then encouraged the busty escorts to kiss each other, deep, wet and intimate kisses which would have aroused even the most cold blooded of men. The girls were in their element, enjoying his avid attention and the erotic adventure they were embarking on.

Garment after garment fell to the floor and soon the hot girls were down to just their bras and panties, Anthony still attired in his trousers and open necked shirt. He was enjoying being in control, orchestrating the sexy events like a great conductor bending his musicians to his will. The two Middlesex girls were hot and horny and their kissing and caressing suddenly took on an urgency, they were desperate for hot sex and tugged at the randy guy’s clothes, soon stripping him naked and leading him between them into the bedroom.

The two off duty visiting escorts were having a whale of a time, unleashing their inner wild and sexy sides as they clawed, kissed and sucked at each other and at the lucky guy who was now pinned down on his bed under the gyrating Hermione. He looked up at her fabulous body and groped at her breasts and tweaked her nipples for all he was worth whilst Jemima sat behind the girl, kissing her neck and slapping her playfully on her rear, egging her on to greater heights of sexual abandon.

The three lovers took their pleasure eagerly and selfishly, and moans and sighs filled the air as the sexy escorts and the horny guy enjoyed orgasm after orgasm. Anthony’s penchant was for light bondage and the girls were willing playmates as in turn he tied their wrists and bound their ankles, a small paddle adding fuel to the sexual fire. After more than an hour of intense love making the lusty threesome lay back on the bed, spent, exhausted, their bodies glistening with sweat, arms and legs entangled and in the dim green mood lighting giving the appearance of a human octopus writhing on the ocean’s bed.

Anthony had a huge self satisfied smile on his face and secretly thanked his stars time and again for having brought the two busty escorts into his life. Mentally he desired to make love to the hot girls almost immediately but though the spirit was willing the body was weak and he had to content himself with stroking and caressing their nubile, toned and sensual bodies.