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5th July 2012

Looking good doesn’t come cheap but as it is very important to me that I am stylish and always at my best I am willing to spend what it takes to be on trend and as sexy as I can be. Of course as your average girl next door I am not averse to a bit of shopping and where shoes are concerned I find it impossible to pass by my favourite shop without at least purchasing one more pair of stiletto heels! You should see my wardrobe as it is chock full of shoes of all descriptions.

It still came as a surprise to me to read that the average British woman spends over eighty thousand pounds during her lifetime on clothes! For a second I almost felt envious of those girls who don’t care about their appearance and shop at jumble sales and thrift places! But then I regained my senses and reminded myself that when I date a client of Middlesex visiting escort services I am not only presenting myself to my date I am representing the escort agency itself. Like all of the English escorts and European escorts at the outcall escort agency I want to look stunning, attractive and sexy when I meet someone at their home or hotel for intimate companionship.

The article goes on to say however that despite having a wardrobe full of clothes sixty per cent of English girls will complain that they can’t find something to wear when getting ready for a night out! Over three thousand garments during a lifetime consisting of nearly three hundred pairs of shoes, two hundred dresses, one hundred and fifty bags seventy hats and your girlfriend can’t find anything to wear! Guys reading this visiting escort blog must be laughing their socks off and no doubt will raise this point the next their other half complains!

The most expensive element of the total is the whopping fourteen thousand pounds spent on footwear! No wonder one in six women hide their spending from their other half! As a single girl that doesn’t apply to me and I will happily reveal that I spend more on clothes than I do on going out, eating in and entertainment combined! And I suppose is what’s worse is that I have a whole bunch of clothes in my closet that rarely see the light of day. I’m ashamed to say that one item, a designer dress that cost a packet never even got worn once as I had been a little over ambitious about a weight loss programme and thought that the sexy dress would inspire me to attain my dream weight of a size six whilst my body was steadfastly telling me that I am a size eight!

C’est la vie! Won’t stop me shopping till I am dropping of course!