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Super hot Middlesex girl and her mystery man

20th April 2012

The conventional view is that only some women love watching sexy movies though they prefer them to be more ‘romantic’, with a storyline and some kind of seduction before the sex. Fantasy sex is a popular theme and as far as men are concerned women don’t always need the body to be perfect, it is the way that the sex is executed that matters. Well I have watched hundreds of soft core films and other sexy entertainments online and I would often find myself at odds with convention as I enjoyed the kind of full on, hot and horny movies that the men liked. What matters for me is that there is a reality to events and it’s not just a couple going through choreographed emotions and occasionally saying ooh or ah. But at this moment, watching the super sexy Middlesex girl getting it on with the mysterious hunk in a gothic setting I was converted. It was the most erotic, delicious and satisfying thing that I ever witnessed and I was powerless to stop my body responding.

I feigned sleep so that I could watch the show and moved my hand ever so gingerly to disguise my selfish act. Occasionally the man would glance over and I would get a half view of his face as he spent much of his time in the shadows, enjoying the nubile and tattooed frame of Sally, my erstwhile sex partner. I had developed quite a crush on the hot girl but I felt no jealousy as she engaged in energetic and inventive coupling, the man having his fill of her ample delights. Sally was a lusty and wilful beauty and she too tried to take what she wanted but the strong man was in control, teasing and delighting the young girl until she was fit to burst, her need for an orgasm overpowering and overwhelming. And then he pushed her back and spread her legs so that his needy tongue could taste and excite her. It didn’t take long for the young and sexy girl to reach the peak and then to plunge with abandon off the precipice. After she came, Sally looked to be in a state of bliss, an expression of sublime satisfaction on the face of the sexy Middlesex girl. She lay in her lover’s arms, her hands clamped on his bicep and her head resting on his large chest.

I lay still, unwilling to destroy the idyll and yet desperate to enjoy the same pleasure as my friend. I was a desirable and delicious busty escort and I had clients at Middlesex escorts who would do anything for me. I was pursued by men and women in my private life and desired by all who met me. Yet in Sally there was an object of sexual perfection, a wild and wonderful beauty with no boundaries, a sexy girl who just wanted to experience... She had just engaged in the hottest sex session I had ever witnessed and I, for one, would never forget how it made me feel watching her being enjoyed...