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So seductive..

21st August 2014

The weather seems to be turning though it is not yet September. I will the summer months, especially the long days on the beach enjoying the many delightful views to be had and I don’t mean of the shoreline. The hot summer has brought out the hot girls, often wearing little more than some cut off shorts and a skimpy top. As someone who is a connoisseur of beautiful women - who wouldn’t be looking at the stunning model escorts at Middlesex Escorts and Bedfordshire Escorts – I am appreciative of nature’s helping hand when it comes to revealing the form of the fairer sex.

But, all is not lost as the colder weather does bring some advantages in the romance stakes. Whilst the summer screams sex, autumn whispers seduction. If I was asked to name the most sensual experiences of my life I would have to go for lying in front of an open fire on a sheepskin rug, the snow blanketing the earth outside the door, whilst a beautiful blonde escort massaged me to pleasure paradise.

It’s also the case that a girl covered up can be equally as alluring as a hot young woman letting it all hang out. There is something very sexy and seductive about wondering just how a woman might look naked under that large woollen overcoat.

So, enjoy the winter chill and let a Middlesex Escort warm you up. Companionship and sensual massages do not get better than with a stunning Middlesex Visiting Escort.