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13th December 2011

Work hard, play harder had always been my motto. I had watched enough of my friends waste away in dead end jobs or stuck at home with two small kids whilst the husband gallivanted off with his mates to go down those routes. I liked excitement, I liked fun and I liked to take risks. At twenty three I was still a hot, young Middlesex girl and I intended to make the most of my looks and my attitude. There would be plenty of time later to focus on settling down. God, even the phrase ‘settling down’ had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck, a flashing red light in front of my eyes and a loud warning klaxon going off in my head!

By day I worked as an accountant at one of the largest law firms in the county and by night I had my fun. I had worked recently as a cheap Middlesex Escort and had thoroughly enjoyed myself, meeting some great guys and some hot Middlesex girls along the way. But with my day job paying me some big bucks and offering a generous holiday allowance I had decided to head off around the county looking for some erotic escapades and some death defying adventures.

I had never done a bungee jump, a scuba dive or leapt from a plane with nothing but a few metres of silk to save me from certain death. I had never climbed a rock face or driven a rally car at speed on a gravel road around a woodland track and just inches from the branches of a tree. But more to the point I had never let myself go sexually.

At twenty three, very outgoing, fun loving and friendly you would think that I had experienced most things sexual but it wasn’t the case. Sure, I had enjoyed some red hot heterosexual sex in Middlesex with some beefy, hunky guys but I had never experienced a threesome, made love outdoors, slept with hot Middlesex girls or taken part in a raunchy orgy. I had never been to a sex club or done a lap dance, never seduced a stranger or allowed myself to be seduced by a stranger. I had never had sex outside of my home or a hotel bedroom. And I most certainly had never had sex in public. There was just so much to do and I was determined to do it!

And so I took a leave of absence and packed up my essentials in my car and set off on my sexual odyssey of self discovery, selfish sex and nerve shredding antics. This was going to be one hell of a ride for a sexy Middlesex girl who just wants to have it all and have it now, before the inevitable pressures of my family and friends lead me to a safe and boring ‘settled down’ existence with a grey guy in a grey suburb. I had let my friends, sexy Middlesex escorts, know my plans and meant to keep in touch with them as I went along. It should be fun! Because this was my time and I fully intended to make the most of it...