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5th March 2012

The couple were both interesting and attractive, the wife in particular had a really sexy allure. Following the very public spat with her boyfriend the busty escort Gemma had been more than happy when the pair had invited her to sit at their table. She was even more surprised when the husband, Roger, had asked her what she wanted to drink and then had ordered her a large one. It was only later when the sexy blonde escort had discovered that the lusty twosome were swingers that everything fell into place.

Roger’s less than glamorous work as an accountant belied his inner sauciness. Most people would have stereotyped someone in his profession and to be fair he was indeed very underdressed in a plain white shirt and jeans, shirt tucked in and trousers held aloft by a sensible leather belt. His wife Sylvia in contrast was dolled up to the nines and her short skirt lamed the most of her long and lithe legs. Gemma wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that the young and nubile beauty had been a visiting escort, in fact she looked like one of the hot escorts at Middlesex escort services, the agent she used, but instead she learned that Sylvia had worked as a lap dancer for a while. Gemma secretly imagined the toned, busty blonde dancing and thought she would happily have stumped up for a sexy session herself if the girl was that way inclined. Or perhaps she could trade one of her special sensual massages that her clients raved about for a private dance in the comfort of her home?

After the drinks flowed the older guy revealed all and asked Gemma if she had ever enjoyed a threesome. The sexy escort had tried most things but surprisingly had never indulged in a raunchy romp with a guy and a girl. She had taken part in a threesome with two other girls when she was younger and experimenting but for some reason the opportunity to get a guy involved had never been there. Whilst Roger was no George Clooney he did have a certain charm and his jokes made her laugh and of course if it meant that the delicious Sylvia – whom Gemma could not keep her eyes off and would surely feature in her future fantasies – was sharing the fun then why not?

Gemma explained that she was always up for fun but what kind of sex session did the lusty guy have in mind? At this point she didn’t want to commit to anything too ‘out there’, perhaps when she knew them better... Sylvia was the one to answer, a chuckle in her tone as she replied that Gemma could take the lead if she wanted, but what mattered was that they all enjoyed a sublimely sexy time.