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Sexy spa session for the hot Middlesex girls

6th June 2012

I was bombarded with texts and emails following my wild things blog. It seems that many of you have seen the movie and still think it is a superb erotic thriller. But most of the interest was in my assertion that one of the many lovely girls who operate from one of the airport escorts family, specifically Heathrow escorts has a passing resemblance to the sexy star Denise Richards. To be fair I did say ‘more than a passing resemblance’ and I perhaps over played the point. Still, whilst I maintain the girl does look similar I know that she is equally hot stuff!

It was funny though just how many girls the readers of this blog named as the one that they thought was the one to whom I was referring! Blonde escorts, brunette escorts, it didn’t seem to make one iota of difference as the assured missives flew into my in box! It just demonstrates how imaginative you lot are! And then there were the descriptions of how you would like to recreate the famous threesome scene though there were plenty of votes for the pool scene from the movie where the sexy girls begin by fighting but end up making love. That would certainly be the one for me.

I did once enjoy a sexy session in the water but it was in a hot tub rather than a swimming pool. I was staying in a hotel which had a Jacuzzi and steam room that you could book for private use. My friend, a very sexy busty escort from Southall escorts who was with me suggested we get ourselves a bottle of bubbly and go and luxuriate in the spa for an hour or so before going out for the evening. We were due to meet up with a couple of clients for a group date and had decided to make a full night of it, the luxury hotel getting us in the mood for some real fun later.

Being just the two of us it was strange at first but after a glass or two of champagne it was inevitable that things would heat up as we had always had a thing or two for each other ever since our first meeting at the Middlesex escort agency. I can definitely recommend sex in a spa, there is something very naughty and bourgeois about it and the frothy bubbles just add to the excitement!

I’ll have to review another erotic movie in my next blog because it was good to get such a positive reaction and perhaps it will serve to give me some new and fresh ideas for my next erotic adventure or super sexy illicit liaison!