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Sexy Sally, the hot Middlesex girl

28th March 2012

After I got home from my date – a really funny guy called Rod who had me in stitches throughout our time together – I powered up my laptop and went online. I had swapped messenger user names with Sally, the waitress I had met earlier in the day and who had hit on me in a straight to the point kind of way that I had found thrilling and ever so arousing. We had agreed to meet at the Gate pub in Northwood, on Rickmansworth Road, at eight but I felt compelled to try and strike up a conversation with the hot Middlesex girl as soon as possible. I hadn’t had the chance to tell my friends, busty escorts at Middlesex escorts about the sexy girl and so I felt like someone with something really special to talk about but denied by circumstance.

As soon as I was online I could see from my auto log in that I had a friendship request pending. I double clicked on the icon to open the page and I saw it was from Sally and so I clicked the link to confirm agreement and soon we were both able to transmit and receive private messages. And it was a good job that the messages were indeed private as it wasn’t long before the hot girl was sending over photographs of her in a bikini on a beach somewhere. The photos were absolutely stunning, her lithe body up to anything I had seen on the pages of women’s magazines. The only thing that made her different was the numerous tattoos and the copious body piercings. She had tattoos of pin up girl type angels on both arms, one of them a full sleeve and a tattoo of an angel between her shoulder blades, the wings spanning her entire back. This wasn’t so much the girl with the dragon tattoo as the girl with several angel tattoos. The theme continued on her left thigh where a beneficent and nubile scantily clad angel appeared to be holding a copy of the Kama Sutra, her smile like the Mona Lisa, alluring and beguiling. This was one naughty girl.

Her slim figure was enticing and her smile seductive. In a couple of the photographs there was the hint of another party or parties in the room, I guessed an ex boy friend or girl friend, and several bottles of spirit sat empty on a table. There was also the hint of a sex game in one of the photos as I could clearly see restraints attached to the bed in the background. Sexy Middlesex girl Sally clearly had no sense of embarrassment about her and I liked that, this girl was going to be something else...