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31st May 2012

I watched a really sexy movie on a date last night. It was lovely being all curled up on a comfortable sofa and drinking a glass of delicious Pinot Grigio whilst enjoying a lovely snuggle. I felt all cosy and warm and then when I watched the movie I felt all naughty! It was called Wild Things and it’s an old movie from the nineties I think. It stars Bill Murray and Matt Dillon though I think it will be best remembered for the two sexy girls that the movie’s title refers to: Denise Richards and Neve Campbell.

The plot is stupid really and don’t expect all that many laughs even with Bill in it. If you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to know what happens then this is a spoiler alert – don’t read on! Basically the girls – and they are as hot as the very best escorts in Middlesex – work a scam with a teacher at their college in which he is accused of assaulting one of them. (Don’t miss the scene where the two sexy college students wash Matt’s car wearing nothing but a tight t shirt and a pair of cut off denims!) At the trial the girl – Denise at her nubile, lovely best – admits that he never touched her and her wealthy parents are forced to pay him some mighty compensation. He then meets the girls to split the dough.

And it’s when they meet up – in a rundown hotel – when the film really hots up as Matt encourages the girls to get physical and along with some raunchy girl on girl action we are treated to a threesome in which the lovely young Ms Richards comes in to her own as we enjoy her busty escort type figure and her perfect young ass. Unfortunately we can only curse as the sex fest on screen is cut short despite the eighteen rating. You can see the clip on YouTube if you’re interested in cutting to the chase!

The film then drags along a bit but has enough twists and turns to keep all but the most demanding of moviegoers happy. Suffice to say Matt thinks he is pulling all the shots but he isn’t. Oh, and Kevin Bacon also features so you could say it’s an all star cast – a bit like Middlesex visiting escort services where there is a seemingly endless number of gorgeous girls just waiting for your call... English escorts and European escorts galore...

Actually there is a sexy brunette escort at Heathrow escorts who bares more than a passing resemblance to the delectable Denise and from what I have heard she is something of a wild thing herself! Go ahead and check out the gallery and see if you can spot who I mean!