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16th May 2012

All my friends are endlessly talking about the dog that won Britain’s Got Talent. I thought they were joking but it turns out that a dog did indeed win the competition! And it won a half a million pounds to boot! Ok, I know it wasn’t exactly the dog that walked away with the prize and thinking of bingeing on Pedigree chum and splashing the cash on lady poodles and a diamond encrusted collar! But seriously, a dog winning a talent show with such a prize, has the country gone mad?

I stopped watching BGT and the X factor because I thought it was a bit like monkey watching at the zoo with people who didn’t know better being publicly humiliated. It’s not so bad when someone is obviously an arrogant so and so but it’s cringe worthy when it is some poor unfortunate soul who doesn’t know any better. I did watch one show a few months back though as a Middlesex escort put in an appearance. Now if the sexy girl had demonstrated the art of sensual massage rather than her lack of talent when it comes to singing then she might have stood a chance. Oh and I watched part of last week’s programme when the sexy tattooed burlesque dancer strutted her stuff. I do have a thing for a nubile, tattooed beauty!

Have you noticed how many dogs look like their owners? Or should that be the other way around, owners looking like their dogs? There is a girl at Brentford Visiting Escorts who is well known for her over elaborate grooming. Everything about the hot escort is immaculate right down to the paint on her toenails. Nothing is out of place. And she has a dog that is exactly the same, over pampered and over groomed. I always think that a girl who spends an inordinate amount of time preening herself is going to be high maintenance though I guess some guys don’t mind that and the hot visiting escort doesn’t seem to suffer from any lack of dates so perhaps I’m wrong. My clients prefer my weird, wild and wonderful ways as they know they are always in for a thrill ride on a date with me!

I did read a story in the paper yesterday about a classical musician of the year contest (I think the young girl who won played the cello or some such) with a first prize of two thousand pounds. Yes, you read right, a mere two thousand pounds. Now if only the girl could have played her instrument whilst walking a dog at the same time she could have improved her purse no end! What a strange world we live in. Guess I will go out and get myself a puppy!