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Sexy material girl causes a stir

16th July 2012

Madonna has been causing quite a stir on her latest tour as usual, this time getting under the skin of the right wing French National Front by performing in front of a picture of the party’s female leader, Marine le Pen adorned by a giant swastika. I don’t normally cover political stuff in this thrice weekly blog but it’s such an interesting story that I really thought I should cover it. You see being a little bit cynical when it comes to the middle aged American singer I have to say that I wondered if the stunt was all about publicity, after all the tour has not been as successful as previous ones and she needs all the coverage she can muster. On the other hand you could argue that it is an act of bravery to make such a bold statement about a party that although it has tried to become more main stream and indeed Madame Le Pen won eighteen per cent of the vote in the recent French presidential elections still has the reputation as being extremist and dangerous.

The sexy girl may not be as young as she once was but she still looks great and she still performs like a hot girl half her age and so it seems to me that she doesn’t have to become embroiled in a country’s politics, especially when in Paris and dealing with issues as divisive as this. She is a multi-millionaire many times over and doesn’t need the money. She is world famous and instantly recognisable by just about anyone on the planet – though you would be hard pressed to identify her in the posters being used to promote the tour! So, I have to conclude that she is fervently, genuinely trying to take a stand against racism and parties perceived to be in that arena. I suppose I should admire rather than condemn the singer?

Opinions around Middlesex visiting escort services were mixed with some of the busty escorts suggesting that it is a cynical publicity stunt, one brunette escort stating that politics and pop don’t mix and yet another blonde escort saying that there has always been a place in popular music for outspoken opinions –take Peter Gabriel’s Biko about the murdered South African black activist or the video to David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” which featured aboriginal children in Australia rejecting western style commercialism and retreating to the outback.

I wonder if like the sexy escorts of Middlesex escorts the readers of this visiting escort blog have contrary views. I suppose the ultimate proof of the pudding will be when the trial occurs – Ms Le Pen is taking the singer to court over defamation of character – and when the fan numbers are counted up.