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22nd June 2012

The diminutive Aussie pop princess who inspired a generation of girls to wear gold hot pants has announced that she will probably never get married. Actually, perhaps ‘princess’ is the wrong descriptor to use in this case as there is usually a prince charming to go with it! Although she has been with her current boyfriend, the Spanish hunk Andres Valencos – don’t you just love that exotic and sexy sounding name girls? And aren’t my male readers cringing just a little bit and thinking Kylie you would be far better off with an Englishman! – for over three years she has stated that they have no plans to marry.

Given that Kylie is no spring chicken, at forty four I’m sorry to say her best days are behind her as well as her rear, you would have thought that settling down to a life in front of the television with a couple of kids in two would be high on the agenda. I’m sure you read the irony in my last few sentences because as a party girl I am the very last person to advocate a pipe and slippers lifestyle. As a sexy escort at Middlesex escorts I applaud the sexy pop star for her stance. It was once reported that she had sex with her boyfriend of the time Michael Hutchence in the first class cabin of a Jumbo jet with the Australian Prime Minister only feet away! Now that’s the sexy girl that we all know, love and admire and more to the point aspire to be.

Whilst I am a good five foot six in my flats I know that some guys really go for petite girls and given Kylie’s example I’m not surprised. A boyfriend of mine once showed me an online video of an advertisement that the sexy siren had done for a lingerie brand and even for me it was hot, hot, hot. For some of the bi-sexual escorts at Middlesex escorts it was the ultimate turn on. In the ad the scantily clad minx is seen riding a bucking bronco and making the kinds of sounds usually reserved for the bedroom. With the throbbing music track and Kylie’s sex bomb presence it is a work of erotic art. Many of the brunette escorts and blonde escorts I know at this escort agency immediately went out and procured the very same undergarments as worn by Kylie in the video.

So, settling down is out of the window and all of us party girls can breathe a sigh of relief, happy in the knowledge that the iconic sex symbol is still on the prowl, still out for a good time, still enjoying sex and an inspiration to hot girls everywhere!