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Sexy escorts and their beauty regimens

15th June 2012

I’m thinking of doing a beautician course because I spend so much time, effort and money having my hair, make up and nails done, not to mention the monthly fees at the Middlesex gym where I work out twice a week. I’ve begun to think that I could save an awful lot of time in particular if I didn’t have to shoot about everywhere, especially given that parking is such a pain. I hate having to pay x pounds to a council every time I want the convenience of parking outside a shop where I am spending money. You would think that they would want to encourage people to shop in the villages and towns because it has the effect of maintaining a shopping presence and brings in income in rates. The thing is there is a massive shopping mall not too far from where I live and it has free parking. It’s perhaps an extra ten to fifteen minutes’ drive but that appears to be the only downside though I do worry that if folk like me abandon the small towns then they will end up being littered with empty premises and charity shops and we will lose the small, independent and quirky retailers that I love so much.

Visiting escorts have to look good, that goes without saying and given that I am one of the sexy blonde escorts at Middlesex escorts, the number one escort agency in the county I feel a certain pressure on me to maintain a high standard. That’s why I make sure that my body is in great shape by working out, though if I’m honest the gym is a great place to meet hot guys and I certainly play up to that with my sexy gym attire! I have my hair done every fortnight and my nails the same. Make up I have done more infrequently, a special treat really but an expensive one. The thing is I am pretty hopeless when it comes to knowing what works for my face and skin tone. There is a busty escort at Enfield escorts who went on a beauty course and she always looks immaculate. The way she can blend in the subtle shades around her eyes, giving her a sultry, sexy appearance is fabulous and I long to be able to do the same.

I did suggest to the hot girl that we should get together regularly to do each other’s hair and make-up but she saw right through my ploy which was basically to get her to do me for free! Still, it was worth a try! Perhaps I will bite the bullet and follow in the hot escort’s footsteps by actually attending a course or two, who knows I may be able to run a side line in beauty treatments!