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Now he knows what he wasmissing...

8th September 2014

They say that we covet what we see every day but when it comes to men that hasn’t been my experience. I mean, I have been going to my local pub in central Middlesex regularly for an early evening drink on a Friday for ages and I’ve never been of a mind to seduce any of the regulars, though to be fair they are all married men (though that hasn’t stopped me in the past!) I guess one of the things I like about being an escort at Middlesex Escorts is that I get to meet new people on a regular basis. There’s something very sexy about giving anew client his first sensual massage and finding out what he likes and dislikes. I’m quite an accommodating sort of girl and I usually manage to find out just what it is that will make a man beg for more.

However, this Friday was different. Jim, the landlord at the pub was chatting away to a guy called Steve who usually props the bar up but I could see that he had his eye on me. This wasn’t his normal behaviour so I asked Suzie, a Surrey Escort amongst our group of hot girls what was up and she laughed and said that Jim’s wife was away for the weekend and when the cat’s away… You know, that little bit of information worked like a powerful aphrodisiac on me. I was consumed by a desire to show Jim what he was missing – his wife is a real harridan – and so I engineered the chance to get up close and personal, suggesting I help him inspect his pipes when he next changed a barrel. His pipes were in very good working order you will be pleased to hear!