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8th June 2012

I was watching a television programme last night about disco music and there was a section about the influence of gay culture and gay artists on the scene. It was really interesting and quite eye opening really as I never realised just how radical some of the bands were. I often go to eighties nights because I love all that new romantic music and I have often danced to Bronski Beat but without actually listening to any of Jimmy Sommerville’s lyrics really. But when you do listen it is amazing just how brave he was in championing equal rights for homosexuals.

I had to laugh though at a comment made by Boy George that was quoted in a newspaper. Basically the Culture Club frontman stated that he preferred a ‘nice cup of tea’ to sex. Well Georgie boy you are just not doing it right and if you were heterosexual I am sure that some nice Middlesex girl (like me – I always had a strange crush on the boy) would be able to show you where you are going wrong!

The other clip that stood out was Tim Curry in the film version of the Rocky Horror Picture show, a musical that never really appealed to me but having seen his outrageous performance if only for a few seconds I just have to rent the film! I know that a couple of the busty escorts at Middlesex escorts are big fans of the show and they go dressed up in the whole stockings and suspenders thing and really let their hair down. The girls always boast about what a god time they have and how everyone gets into the spirit of the show and perhaps the next time the hot visiting escorts purchase tickets I’ll ask them to get one for me.

The one thing in the programme that was hard to believe is that mainstream America didn’t realise that the Village People were gay! Come on now… I mean it’s rather obvious isn’t it? I give you the Cowboy and the Policeman may not have been all that obvious but the guy in the leather bondage gear? I suppose I am too young to comment really as the age I have grown up in is more sophisticated and certainly as a sexy escort I am not particularly naive but it just seems incredible that people didn’t understand what was really going on… again, I suppose people just dance and have a good time and don’t really take much notice of the video or the lyrics.

Anyway I can categorically state that for this naughty Middlesex girl a cup of tea is certainly not as good as sex, not in the same league in fact. For me there is nothing better than two bodies coming together all hot and horny and having some physical fun!