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22nd October 2012

I’ve had a thing for Abbey Clancy ever since she first came to the fore on an early series of Britain’s next top model. There was an episode where the girls had to dress up in eighteenth century dresses, complete with bustieres and I swear that I have never been so mesmerised by a heaving bosom. Well, that was until I saw the photographs of sexy Alicia in the escort gallery here at Middlesex Visiting Escort Services! The twenty four year old Spanish blonde beauty certainly caught my eye in her skimpy outfits, especially the one where she is wearing a little apron – what fun it would be to untie that bow! I may have to brush up on my Spanish if I’m to be in with a chance but you, lucky reader need only call the Middlesex escorts hotline to enjoy her scintillating company!

As for Abbey the good looks in her family know no bounds. Her cousin Chloe knows how to wear tight shorts to the best effect and as for her sister Elle, well what an ‘ell of a girl! Pouting lips, slim and attractive with a look that says more than a thousand words when it comes to bedroom fantasies. These days Abbey is Mrs Peter Crouch and with small kids she probably has too much on her plate to compete with the younger relatives when it comes to all out sex appeal. Must be some good genes in that family and keep them coming is my message to the Clancy family!