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24th April 2012

I wondered long and hard about the unusual events of the night before. Sally had been as delicious as ever and I never tired of seeing her illustrated naked body which she showed off with relish. She had stood in silhouette against a curtained window, her sculpted torso a sensual delight, watching me and enjoying my reactions. She had made love with a mysterious stranger for my benefit, allowing me to drink in the moment and feel pleasure vicariously. I had felt light headed and somehow removed from reality, as though observing events through a gauze. But I did notice the way that the two lovers caressed each other, the way the feisty, sexy Middlesex girl allowed herself to be subject to his desires, the way in which she acted as a vessel to provide him with the ultimate in pleasure. This was no one night stand, no chance encounter and it was certainly not a case of love at first sight. The man had a hold on the nubile young temptress...

I spent much of the next day in a daze, a combination of the giddy events of the night before, inebriation and lack of sleep. Shuffling about in my untidy apartment in my comfy pyjamas you would not have thought that I was a glamorous and stylish visiting escort, a busty escort that men dreamed of dating, a desirable, alluring blonde escort from Middlesex visiting escort services. But no matter: alone in my flat with just my cat for company and a large chilled glass of Chardonnay I had begun to feel normal again, relaxed and at ease. I put on some ambient music and lay on the sofa reading an ebook on my kindle device, the latest thriller from Jo Nesbo. It was probably not the best reading matter when you want to feel safe and secure and after a few minutes I decided to put it down and check out what the other Middlesex escorts were up to that evening. For some reason I had decided to let the hot girl, Sally, contact me first... I don’t know why, I was just a little uneasy and there was a part of me that was actually questioning her veracity and motives.

Had I been simply the sex toy that Sally and one of her lovers needed to heighten their sexual pleasure? Did they get off on being watched and who better than a hot Middlesex girl with a healthy appetite for sex? It was a strange feeling though if I am honest with myself I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I had never realised how much fun it was to watch... Perhaps I should give the girl a call, she may have another performance in mind...