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Middlesex escort puts on a show

4th February 2012

I managed to evade a member of staff who seemed to think his life depended on getting my coat and I hurriedly made my way to a series of doors, each sporting a sign such as ‘cloakroom’ and ‘toilet’. One of them said ‘library’ and I figured that should be a quiet place where I could watch the comings and goings. I needed to identify who was going to be my ‘date’ for the evening, get hold of the lucky chap and do the dirty deed, then get out of there. It was a nightmare, but you know, I had never had so much fun in my life! My friends at Middlesex escorts would laugh themselves silly I thought but I also wanted them to savour the sexy side of my illicit activities. If I didn’t get the busty escorts feeling horny then I hadn’t accomplished my mission!

So, I was inside the gentlemen’s club taking refuge for the time being in the library. There were about ten large shelves of books, a newspaper rack and half a dozen very comfortable looking chairs facing a large open fire. Thankfully there were no members to trouble me and so I had a chance to double check my disguise as I removed my large tweed coat and placed it inside the leather travel bag I had brought. Once my identity was out in the open this sexy Middlesex girl didn’t plan on hanging around to reapply make up and get dressed in men’s attire all over again. No, my plan was to make a quick exit preferably via a window in a downstairs toilet or wherever and get the hell out of dodge.

After a few minutes the door opened and two men walked in. In their fifties and dressed immaculately the two could have passed for ex-army, indeed they may actually had been soldiers, their bearing was distinctly military. Despite the thirty years age gap I thought the guys were perfect. Good looking, well built, and still very much up for it was my evaluation and so I determined to put phase two of my plan into action.

Striding out before the guys I drew on all my reserves as a confident, sexy Middlesex escort and I made for the fire place. The two guys who had been sitting in armchairs and reading now looked up and their faces registered ‘interest’, then ‘surprise’ and then ‘desire’ as I stripped off my disguise item by item until I was down to my black bra and panties, stockings and suspenders and black stiletto heeled shoes in all my busty escort glory. I swear one of the guys jaws had dropped and the other guy was sporting a distinctly visible big stiff one... Time for the hot Middlesex girl to have fun...