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21st January 2012

I was grateful for the freedom my pay off from my day job had given me. Allied to the savings I had from my time as a Middlesex Visiting Escort and I was sure that I could live in relative comfort for at least a year. My car was small and fuel efficient and I did not intend to stay in particularly expensive accommodation. As I long as I was having fun, and I sure as hell intended to put the ‘sex’ into Middlesex, then I would be fine. The biggest expense would be my adventures – bungee jumping, white water rafting and the like don’t come cheap, not unless you are friendly with the instructor of course...

I decided to test out my theory at my first port of call, an airfield near Hendon. The plan was to take a lesson in a glider, something I had never done before. It was a little unnerving, the thought of flying hundreds, perhaps thousands of feet in the air without an engine but I figured if the birds can do it... I arrived just as the place was opening, which gave me time to check out the instructors and make my move. I sent a text to my Middlesex Escort friends letting them know what I was up to and giving them a thrill for the day as they would be wondering whether I had been successful or not in my quest to get a free lesson, just by flirting.

Flirting was second nature to me and I had practised my skills to perfection. I could hook a guy from across a crowded room just by the way I arched my back, pushed out my breasts and fluttered my eye lashes. I had enjoyed plenty of steamy sex sessions in Middlesex just as a result of the sensual invitations my body could send. It was second nature to a hot Middlesex girl like me.

Finally, after ten minutes of pretending to read the information literature strewn about the wooden shack which doubled for the airfield’s office I had spotted my man, a hunky, six foot five giant with a ripped body and mid to long dark hair which I loved. He was like George of the Jungle and I was ready to play Jane. I inched towards him, pretending to be deep into the pamphlet I was reading but making sure that he could in fact get an eyeful of my curvy bottom and my bosom as I leant over in front of him to peruse some other boring leaflet. I could feel his gaze upon me and I knew my sexy escorts would be proud of my efforts. He was hooked. Now to get him to ‘persuade’ me to join him in the air...