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Man cannot live by bread alone...

19th October 2014

There are certain things in life that we consider to be essentials, like food, drink, a place to sleep and shelter over our heads. Depending on where you are born you might need to add ‘heat’ to that list. Apart from those staples everything else can be considered a luxury. But of course it is not as simple as all that. As someone much clever than I once wrote, ‘man cannot live by bread alone’. And even if the food is a gastronomic miracle, the bed a divine creation or the drink intoxicating there still needs to be something beyond the basics to make life worth living. Now the original meaning from Matthew referred to the numinous but today we tend to associate the idiom with the need for art, poetry and music. Personally I would add the companionship of a sexy woman to that list. I say ‘sexy’ because it is the quality of allure that makes spending time with a gorgeous girl so fulfilling, so arousing and so special. There may be some comfort in the form of companionship with an ordinary girl but when you are with a Middlesex Escort or a Cambridgeshire Escort you really feel alive! Man may not be able to live by escort alone but I for one am willing to give it a damn good try. Book a Middlesex Escort for an intimate time and you will redefine your idea of what is an essential element of existence.