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25th September 2012

It’s hard to ignore the fact that many men, whilst committed and faithful to their present partner, will often fantasise about sex with a different woman. Everywhere you go you are confronted by beautiful girls in sexy outfits, especially in summer. The weather in the UK this year has served as a counter aphrodisiac but generally when the sun is out so are the tight denim cut offs and the crop tops, at least in my imagination.

But the fact that a guy is looking doesn’t mean he is cheating. The grass isn’t always greener right? Well, no, actually because a sex survey by the sex toy retailer Love Honey has found that almost four in ten men said that the best sex of their lives was with a previous partner. So is it love that keeps these guys with their current partner? Well, the same survey revealed that these guys also thought that casual sex was no match for ‘committed lovemaking’. Personally I prefer the word sex to ‘lovemaking’ as that has connotations of bland bedroom bonking rather than hot and lusty action but then that’s just how my brain works.

The solution of course is to have sex with your current partner whilst thinking about a previous one. That’s not cheating is it? Even better is to enjoy intimate companionship with a beautiful escort from Middlesex escorts who will not nag at you to wash the dishes, put the cat out or put down the toilet lid. A little variety is the spice of life we say.