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10th May 2012

Awoke with a bad head but no regrets. Had a fabulous evening with my date and didn’t get much sleep which was the root cause of my headache I was sure, though the half dozen margarita cocktails may have played a part... I was glad when the hunk left this morning though as I have a very busy day ahead. I desperately need to do some clothes shopping and I also have a few bills to pay in town before heading off to meet up with some of the sexy girls from Enfield escorts and Edgware escorts for a drink and a bite to eat. I had hoped that we would be able to sit in a beer garden but once again the weather is having its say.

I was running late and by the time I joined up with the sexy girls they had already ordered their hot meals. I hate being out of synch at the dining table and so I just ordered a cold salad to get me by. Doesn’t hurt to eat a light meal and I would have the added benefit of being holier than thou as I watched the others tuck into burgers and fries. At least that’s what I told myself but as the food emerged from the kitchen it was hard to ignore the delicious smells emanating from the food.

The conversation was lively and upbeat as usual and about nothing of any real import really. Just a few hot Middlesex escorts passing the time of day talking about music and men, mostly men if I’m honest. Busty escort Katherine has a new man in her life and so she was sickeningly loved up and over the top. The rest of us teased her mercilessly because her new guy’s name was William. So it was Kate and Wills this, Kate and Wills that though I don’t think her hunk bore much of a resemblance to the king in waiting as he was five foot six, thirty something and a builder!

Listening to the glowing girl I began to feel a little envious. It had been some time since I went steady with anyone and whilst the dates from the escort agency were fun and fulfilling in their own right there were times when I wanted to go out for a drink or to see a movie and there wasn’t a man on the radar to take me. The mood would pass I know and I reminded myself of just how possessive my last boyfriend had been. Being a couple wasn’t all positives and that’s for sure – especially when the guy thinks you should clean up after him! I’m far too sexy and sophisticated for all that household chores stuff!