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Live in the moment

28th September 2014

There is a Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ that you may have heard uttered by motivational speakers, bosses, sportspeople and the like. It means ‘seize the day’ and latterly came to fame and prominence in a film starring Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society. Basically it means do not put off tomorrow what you could do today, be extraordinary, take control of your own destiny, make the most of your talents. For me it also means, book a Middlesex Escort! I mean, why saunter through life accepting second best? Having been in a few ‘steady’ relationships in my time I came to realise that the mundane is for the mediocre! Do I want to be discussing soap operas, standing outside changing rooms in department stores or looking at sofas on a Saturday? No, of course I don’t. Life is for living, it’s all too short and before you know it your best days are behind you.

That’s why you have to enjoy every single moment of existence. Seize the day, take your chance to live it up and as we all know there is nothing better on this earth than being with a beautiful and alluring woman. The sexy escorts at Middlesex Escorts and at Local Escorts know what’s what when it comes to pure pleasure. The certainly live in the moment and you are guaranteed to have the very best of times! Call now and seize your moment of happiness tonight! Remember, life’s too short for regrets so make the most of what a busty escort has to offer!