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Jane... Bare

20th July 2012

Erotic fiction is suddenly big business with a boom in what is being called ‘mummy porn’. There are a number of theories as to why this is happening but if you ask me it’s just because in this day and age it is acceptable to reveal that you enjoy a little midnight titillation when lying in bed. In the past you probably had to keep your saucy reading habits to yourself for fear of the petit-bourgeois mind police giving you a hard time. I’ve always thought it is the people who are not getting any who are running things and want to impose their puritanical views on the rest of us. I suppose another reason is the rise of e-readers. You can sit on a bus and read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and nobody would ever know.

As someone with a university degree in English literature I’ve always enjoyed reading novels and as a sexy visiting escort who enjoys going out on dates and meeting new people I have always had a healthy interest in sex so combining the two in the form of enjoying a raunchy romp brought to life by the written word is appealing. It’s also a good way to expand your repertoire of sex techniques. In my opinion there’s nothing better than a little learning when it can be of benefit in the bedroom. And actually the fantasy worlds conjured on the page are even better than the guide books with pictures such as a pictorial Kama sutra. It can show the positions but it is the mind that is the greatest erogenous zone in my opinion and I get more turned on by reading about illicit liaisons and sexual awakenings than I do by simply seeing an A-Z of sex.

Actually they have begun to write erotic versions of classic literature so all of my passions can be combined at once! I’m not sure that Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters would have approved however and there was a mixed reaction amongst the sexy escorts at Middlesex visiting escort services when I asked for their opinions on the subject. One busty escort beauty said that Jane Eyre was one of her favourite books and she had already imagined the hot sexual encounters between the young women and the brooding Mr Rochester in her mind without any need to have them explicitly set out on the page. Another girl, a beautiful blonde escort from Enfield escorts had the opposite view and said that it might encourage her to read one of these ‘old books’. A third girl, a ravishing English escort based at Twickenham escorts was in two minds suggesting that depending on her mood she might find herself skipping large chunks of the story to get to the sex!