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It only takes forty three weeks to look this good!

18th July 2012

You often hear people talking about ‘natural beauty’ and it must be great to be one of those girls who can just wake up in a morning, run a brush a couple of times through your hair, pull on some clobber and go out and face the world – naked! I’m not one of them and whilst I prefer a subtle application of slap during the day I have to admit that I go the whole hog when I go out on the town. You can look so washed out under the disco lights that I like to have a goodly amount of bright red lipstick, blusher and eye make-up though not all of the sexy girls at Middlesex escorts are the same. One sexy blonde escort wears only a slight amount of make-up whilst another girl, a hot brunette escort from Enfield escorts really goes to town on her eyes with extra dark shades complimented by bright pink blusher and highly glossed pouty lips. The guys seem to like it as she is always inundated with offers of dates.

Anyway, it comes as no surprise to read that an average girl will spend over forty three weeks of her life putting on make-up. This is based on fifteen minutes each and every day though there are exceptions with twelve per cent of Southern girls spending a good forty five minutes a day putting on the slap. In comparison Northern girls seem to be of the ‘wash and go’ variety with only eight per cent of the bonny lassies taking forty five minutes to get themselves fit to face the world.

Of course being a visiting escort I like to make sure that I look just right when I go out on a date but it’s difficult sometimes to know what a client’s tastes are when it comes to make up. For every guy who likes a girl to be done up to reality television or Katie Price standard there is another railing “God hath given you one face and you make yourselves another!” I suppose that a guy gets a good indication of how a girl will look make-up wise from the visiting escort gallery on the website? The pictures should give some idea of taste in clothes as well.

It must have been a totally different experience booking a busty escort for a date in the days pre-internet! No pictures or descriptions to read, no reviews, no details about how things work. Nightmare! And yet another reason why I would vote the World Wide Web and Google as the best inventions in the history of the world! Clients and visiting escorts alike rejoice in the glory that is the internet!