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Intense desire of the sexy Middlesex girls

7th April 2012

There is something incredibly erotic about a woman who has been inked and Sally was the most delicious creature I had ever known. People always talk about a special certain something that a minority of individuals possess, a charisma or sex appeal that cannot be defined in conventional terms. In my opinion Sally was the living proof that this hidden energy, this aura, this red hot attraction was tangible and real. One could not spend a minute in her carnal company and not be seduced by the sexy Middlesex girl. But I think that Sally went further than just ‘being’ sexy as if by chance, the girl was outwardly and openly flirtatious and physical, her tactile behaviour cute and a real come on. She was wild and adventurous, a sexy feline that couldn’t be tamed or controlled. She did what she wanted, when she wanted and if enjoying my firm and toned body was her pleasure then that is exactly what she would do.

I have worked with the most gorgeous, nubile, hot and charming busty escorts during my short time at Middlesex escorts and whilst some of the girls could compete with the sexiest, there were perhaps only one or two of the blonde escorts who could hold a candle to Sally when it came to pure sexual appeal. If she had decided to become a visiting escort then I have no doubt in my mind that her sensual massages would be the toast of the town, the girl would be in such high demand that she would need a clone of herself to cope!

She was completely naked on the bed and I admired her tattoos as I worked my way across her body with my tongue, lingering over her pleasure zones and enjoying the sweet taste of her skin and the smell of her scent. It was a heady and erotic atmosphere and when the sexy Middlesex girl began to moan, her pants and sighs taking on ever deeper and more carnal character it added an intensity to the sexy proceedings. I couldn’t wait to make her come so that it would be my turn to go to sexual heaven...

Sally came loudly and repeatedly, her thighs clamping my head between her legs as she wrung every last ounce of pleasure from my obliging tongue. Her body rocked with spasms of delight and she gave herself fully to the orgasm, bathing in the exquisite sensations. Now it was my turn to be pleasured and I urged her to make me her own, to enjoy my body with abandon, to do to me what she wanted. I was hers and I wanted her to give and take what pleasure she would...