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3rd April 2012

Sally’s flat was adorned with posters of various indie bands as well as old Hollywood movies including ‘Gilda’ and ‘Some like it hot’. She clearly liked the pin up girl types, the old fashioned blonde bombshells and now I understood the tattoos on her arms – one was Rita Hayworth and one was Marilyn Monroe, both transformed into the kind of image you would have seen on a WW2 B52 aeroplane! I just loved her look and I found her body art really erotic, wild and exciting.

I don’t know why but I had never thought of tattoos on a girl as particularly enticing or hot before but then I had only seen the dull and conventional flowers on an ankle, base of the spine, top of the back of the neck and side abdomen efforts. To see a hot Middlesex girl who really wanted tattoos and actually had some kind of artistic vision for her illustrations was impressive and I have to say hot! It was like the images were sending a subliminal message that this hot Middlesex girl was up for fun, had a sinful side, that she was a girl who could drive you wild with excitement when you had her in your bed. My passions aroused I wondered how I should make the next move. I didn’t have to.

Sally lit a half dozen church candles and then she had put on some incense and some music – I think it was Nick Drake – before telling me she was going to freshen up. As she walked out of the lounge she invited me to shower if I wanted to. I didn’t have a change of clothes so I thought I would. As I stripped naked in the bathroom there was a gentle tap on the door and I heard Sally say that if I wanted to I could put something of hers on and that she had left me some possibilities on her bed.

The shower cubicle was a little cramped but the water pressure and temperature were excellent, soothing and relaxing my tired body, massaging my aching muscles after a long day. Having bathed I stepped out and towelled off. As I did so I heard a succession of texts on my phone and noticed I had three messages. The first one was from Middlesex escort agency enquiring about my availability. The second was from a busty escort friend asking if I fancied a drink later. The third was surprisingly from Sally herself asking where her Middlesex escort was and would I mind hurrying up as her hot treat was getting cold.

I wondered what she meant by ‘treat’ but I soon found out. As I walked into the bedroom Sally was naked with a large red ribbon around the sexy young girl's body which complimented the copious red rose tattoos that adorned her arms and body. She looked delicious and I smiled at her before closing the bedroom door behind me.