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10th April 2012

We spent the next morning in bed, our bodies pressed up against one another as we enjoyed the intimacy and closeness that follows such a sweet and pleasurable sex session. I am experienced in the ways of love and know all there is to know about the mechanics of intercourse, the positions and the erogenous zones, the foreplay and the attire. But this was something different as I experienced a coming together that was as much physical as spiritual and I was sure that Sally felt the same.

The super hot Middlesex girl had given herself to me totally and unconditionally and I had taken my fill of her sublimely sexy, nubile torso and her pouting lips. I had enjoyed multiple orgasms and each time I came Sally immediately went to work on my next orgasm, not allowing my body to succumb to a need for a snooze or a chance to recharge batteries. She was inexorable in her pursuit of pleasure and insatiable in her need for sex. This all served to have me constantly keen and in need of my next ecstatic release and so our love making continued apace as each of us fed off the other’s desire and actions. There is passionate and then there is passionate as defined by the sexy Middlesex girl, so hot and delicious she could have been a visiting escort at Middlesex Visiting Escort Services. If she had opted to join me at the escort agency she would have been the first girl with quite so many tattoos, her arms and back covered in inky creations as well as one side of her rib cage and the side of her left thigh. She was literally alive with colour and I found the fact that she was so inked and so proud of her etchings very sexual and alluring indeed.

After our lie in we decided to split for the day as we each had essentials shopping to do and who wants a lover to stand next to you when you are buying shampoo, toothpicks, face masks and other items of the same ilk? We agreed to get together later though at the Adam and Eves pub in Hayes. It’s a fun place and some of the busty escorts from Middlesex escorts drink there. I also know some of the locals and knew that they would be cool with me canoodling with my indie girl friend.

I said goodbye to Sally and made a dash for a passing bus. I would be in town in no time so I should have time to get everything I need and get home with plenty of time spare to luxuriate in a bath and get myself ready for what I hoped would be another hot sex session with the lusty bi-sexual beauty.