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Hot Hermione, the naughty Middlesex girl

17th February 2012

I was with one of my best friends, the busty escort Hermione. We had known each other for years and for the last six months we had also worked together – as visiting escorts from Middlesex Visiting Escort Services. Hermione was a sweet and sexy girl with an anything goes attitude to life that men found irresistible. She was also insatiable in bed and whilst there are guys that have the stamina to live with her intense sexuality some men found her intimidating and couldn’t keep up with her sexual demands. I had harboured a secret fantasy to make love to the Middlesex escort myself and tonight I really thought my time had come as we were both on a date together.

The lucky guy was called Anthony and he had invited us over to his plush Georgian town house for an evening of fun and frolics and I couldn’t wait for the party to really get started. We had only just arrived though and the champagne was yet to flow as liberally as I wanted with our man making frequent exits to answer calls on his hall phone or take a call on his mobile or to check on the nibbles he had placed in the oven. It sounded dubious to me and it became apparent later that what he was actually doing was setting up the scenario for the evening ahead, preparing his boudoir for our night of passion by setting out sex toys and getting the handcuffs positioned on his iron framed bed. Kinky fun was right up my street and I knew for a fact that it worked a treat for Hermione too as she had once confided in me her love of light bondage.

I sent a text to a couple of my other friends at Middlesex escorts asking how their evenings were going and received no reply which I interpreted as their evening was going very well indeed thank you very much! And I stole secret glances at the gorgeous Hermione admiring the curve of her hips, her pert breasts and her round rear. She was delicious and I longed to make her mine.

After the fifth interruption in as many minutes I decided to raise the stakes, putting on some sexy and soulful music using my iPod through Anthony’s speakers and dancing provocatively on the Persian rug that adorned the opulent room. When Anthony walked in he was treated to the sublime sight of two sexy escorts dancing together and getting more than a little personal shall we say. Our kisses were tender at first but more lustful as our desire increased. No man could have resisted us and Anthony wasn’t about to try, not in the least...