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Hot girls for cold times

5th November 2012

Winter is officially here and I have seen the copious snow to well and truly prove it. It’s that time of year when you wake to a frost covered landscape and a car that refuses to start. You curse at your neighbour because they have one of those aerosols that clear a windscreen in seconds and you are trying to scrape off the ice with an old plastic tool. Then it takes you an hour longer to get to work and when you do arrive the heating system is still set to the summer months and you have to argue with the boss that you are not productive at minus eight! And at the end of a long, cold day you have to make the journey in reverse, fighting traffic chaos as you make your way home.

Here’s a suggestion: when you get home, stay in, pick up the phone and call Middlesex Visiting Escort Services. What could be better on a chilly day than to have a sexy girl bring some heat into your life? Imagine it now, an open fire, candlelight, romantic music and a warming snuggle that will keep you going for a week of blizzards and snowfall. I can’t think of anything better to do, can you?

Siberian Gulag or Hot Harem? There is only one choice for the discerning lover of beautiful women and sexy model escorts. Call us now and let one of the leggy lovelies from Middlesex Escorts massage the chill from your bones.