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7th March 2012

Gemma sat in the back of the black cab, a shiver of excitement fluttering across her body as she pondered what lay ahead. The anticipation was delicious in itself and she gazed absent mindedly out of a window, her thoughts focussed on one thing and one thing alone, taking the gorgeous Sylvia and the horny Roger to bed.

The busty escort had met the couple in a trendy Middlesex wine bar and she had immediately been taken by their charm and friendly personalities. She had rowed with her boyfriend and had been offered an escape from the public indignity of a blazing row when the duo had bought her a drink and she had sat in their private booth with them. It hadn’t been long before the conversation had gotten round to sex and initially Gemma was a little taken aback to learn that the couple were swingers. And when they had been so open in their desire to enjoy her sexy escort body she had been even more aghast. But the idea took hold, all the more so because of the hot Middlesex girl Sylvia.

Gemma could see why the girl was making a living in theatre and television: she was absolutely stunning and she had all the confidence and poise of a visiting escort from Middlesex escorts. She oozed sex appeal and her allure went beyond the physical, her articulate and eloquent speech hinting at the university education she had enjoyed. Gemma had few formal qualifications and nothing beyond state school phase though the busty escort had other skills that were much in demand, not least her ability to give the very best in sensual massages in Middlesex.

The couple sat opposite Gemma, eyeing the ravishingly sexy escort with lusty thoughts on their mind. Roger couldn’t wait to see the young beauty naked, entwined in his wife’s arms and legs, making sensual and passionate love. He wanted to watch the hot girl on girl action almost as much as he wanted to make love to the young Middlesex girls himself...

The threesome arrived at the terraced house in Ruislip a little after ten in the evening and having consumed one bottle of champagne Roger was eager to uncork another and so he headed straight into the kitchen. The sexy girls meanwhile took off their coats and stood before the gas fire, a chill in their bones from the wintry weather which wasn’t helped by their attire – both women were in short dresses with plunging necklines and so little to keep the cold at bay.

Roger hurried in accompanied by a chink of crystal glasses. He poured three drinks and raised a toast: “To us, and now it’s time to let the hot and horny fun begin...”