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Girls that Garth would love

3rd September 2012

Is there another character in cartoon world who gets as much female company as Garth? The well-muscled hunk seems to be fighting them off every other day and the fact that they are invariably naked all adds to the spice! He is a lucky so and so, though I guess he isn’t real so I shouldn’t get too jealous. Frank Bellamy and Martin Baines who produce the strip for the Daily Mirror must have loads of fun thinking up storylines where a woman has to get naked and fast! In today’s episode the lady of the house is naked in a hot tub, her buxom breasts floating on the surface of the water whilst her maidservant looks on. It’s like a soft core erotic movie from the seventies – maybe that’s where they get their inspiration.

You may think I’m strange getting horny looking at a cartoon character but tell me what you were thinking when you watched Jessica Rabbit in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’? A mixture of Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe that was one sexy bunny! And of course Betty Boop is a babe!

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