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Girl next door sex appeal

18th June 2012

Naughty Cheryl Cole! Apparently she has been on stage swearing and drinking tequila! How very rock and roll and unlike the normally demure Ms Cole who is the darling of the red top press and seen as a quite anodyne, prim and proper pop star who understands that her marketing appeal to her ‘legion’ of teenage girl fans rests on her being the ultimate girl next door.

The thing is that I do have a soft spot for sexy girls and I have enjoyed the occasional same sex fling but I must be the only bi-sexual beauty in the country who just doesn’t find the Geordie lass funny and it’s not just her accent when she tells me she’s worth it! She’s pictured in an outfit that on J-Lo would have my libido rising faster than a thermometer in the desert but on Cheryl it looks a total turn off. I think she is one of those performers who are better on videotape as she can be stage managed and presented in such a way that makes her appear to be red hot sex on a stick. In the flesh and on stage she just looks really like the girl next door and with the lack of fashion sense to boot.

Just imagine Kylie in hot pants – very sexy in her younger days. Or Beyonce strutting her sexy stuff! Against these women Cheryl just seems rather insipid to me. And no amount of pretend hell raising is going to cut the mustard.

When you look through the visiting escort gallery at Middlesex escorts you will immediately spot those hot girls with natural sex appeal, the confident and alluring busty escorts who will rock your world. Looking at the picture of the former X actor judge she just doesn’t have it in my opinion. Guys reading this will probably think that I don’t know what I’m talking about and I admit that as a female I perhaps have a different understanding of sex bomb and sex appeal and if so you will have to let me know but asking the sexy escorts at Middlesex escorts for their opinion there was a surprising consensus about this particular performer. And the whole drinking and swearing thing just smacks of a desperate attempt to get publicity – and of course it worked – following so closely as it does Madonna’s latest headline grabbing ploy when she flashed a boob at a concert in Turkey the other week.

Behind closed doors she might actually be a sizzling and insatiable sex bomb, a woman totally different to the image that she portrays to me and if so give me a call Cheryl and we can sample each other’s exotic delights, but I doubt it! Just how many guys have been linked to her since her marriage split? Have there been Kyliesque tales of sex on a jumbo jet with a hot lover? Make your own mind up!