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For Your Eyes Only

29th October 2012

If you asked the average guy which did he prefer in the Bond movies, the cars or the girls, then he would be hard pressed to come to a decision! Ursula Andress or the Aston Martin DB5? Lotus Esprit Turbo or Halle Berry? Citroen 2CV or Britt Ekland? Ok, perhaps that last one is a no brainer but really, it’s a hard decision right? I suppose saying ‘both’ is out of the question?

In the latest Bond movie the DB5 gets another run out. The car first appeared in Dr No which was released in nineteen sixty two and if anything it’s even more beautiful as each year goes by and that for me would swing it! It has to be said that the Aston Martin is the quintessential Bond car. You can keep all the rest, the Fords, the BMW’s and yes even the Lotus. In the recent movies it is the Vanquish and then the DBS that have been the stars of the show and the chase at the beginning of Quantum of Solace is unforgettable movie magic.

Checking out the Bond girls in waiting at Middlesex escorts I think that the lovely Maya who hails from Eastern Europe would be wonderful as a femme fatale, a Spectre Agent with a view to a thrill. Then there’s twenty five year old exotic Russian beauty Elena who is sure to leave you shaken and stirred. Or how about the delightful Spanish senorita Carla who is for your eyes only? Call now and let your adventure begin.