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18th May 2012

I was out with a date last night at a gentlemen’s club in the West End. It’s a very exclusive place with a rich and famous clientele. I spotted all sorts of famous faces from television and the silver screen and there was also a very sexy pop star, renowned for her risqué costumes and equally naughty performances. She was with a guy I didn’t recognise but judging by the female attention he was getting I think he must be quite well known too.

My date works in the city. He’s a friend of a friend and she set us up on a blind date. I had expected to be taken to a fancy restaurant or at least a gastro pub so I was surprised and actually rather excited that he took me to the sexy club instead. Clearly he was not lacking in confidence and I like that in a man. I need someone to take care of me, someone strong and secure in his own skin. There’s nothing worse than being on a date with a guy who keeps saying sorry or stumbles over his words or is so in awe of you that he comes across as weak and insecure.

The busty escort who had arranged the date had told me that she thought John would be just perfect for me but she did warn me that he had quite a reputation with the ladies and I could see that he had something of a wandering eye. Unlike many girls I didn’t play the primadonna or little miss innocent, after all I was looking about the club myself and I have to admit that my gaze did linger on one or two of the hunky actors I spotted doing their thing on the dance floor.

The other thing that caught my eye was the sexy girls who were dancing up on the stage and also using poles. I think pole dancing is really erotic and I’d just love to try it out myself. At Harrow escorts there is a hot visiting escort who is an expert at erotic dancing. I was at her place near Hayes escort agency once, along with some other Middlesex escorts and she put on an impromptu show in her living room for us. I remember that the atmosphere was electric and we all went out on the town that night with only one thing on our minds – sex! LOL. And some of us were not to be disappointed!

The dancing girls were topless or scantily clad and their bodies were just perfect. As they did the old bump and grind I could see that my date was getting turned on so I decided to show him that there were other sexy girls in the room, notably me!