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14th July 2012

Sexy X Factor judge Tulisa Constavlos is certainly making light of her recent court appearance when she choose to holiday in Ibiza and sun bathe in full view of the world’s paparazzi! The gorgeous girl clearly likes cameras though not when they are recording an intimate act on her boyfriend who later tried to sell the sexy clip online! Tulisa rightly won her case banning the release of the video and also securing an apology from her ex-lover.

To get over the stress of giving evidence the hot N-Dubz star has taken a sunshine break, staying in a luxury villa on the Balearic isle if Ibiza. The island is known as a party town which I can attest to having spent a week in San Antonio with a bunch of Middlesex escorts last year. Like Tulisa I was celebrating my twenty fourth birthday and my busty escort friends certainly helped me let my hair down as we partied all night and slept on the beach most of the day. One of the blonde escorts from Middlesex visiting escort services met a guy on the first day and didn’t emerge from the bedroom until an hour before check out but that’s another story!

I love the bikini that Tulisa is seen wearing in the pictures in the Daily Mirror this morning. It’s a pretty flowers and gold chains fabric with delightful gold metal hoops at the site of the bikini bottoms though I prefer a bikini with side ties because a boyfriend told me once that this was the sexiest style as a guy can fantasise about simply pulling the string and whipping off your swimwear in a flash! The things that guys think about! They say that guys think about sex every ten minutes but for a woman the thoughts of romance are more infrequent. The sexy escorts I work with have confirmed this because they enjoy romantic or sexy situations and then the thoughts of loving go into overdrive, with guys it can simply be walking down a street and spotting a sexy girl that can immediately put them in the mood. They had better keep their eyes of the pictures of the hot girl in the hotel pool in the press today then or they will certainly go into overdrive!

I noticed in the photographs mind that Tulisa and her pals flew in a private jet. Now how cool is that? I can only dream of travelling in such luxury. It must be amazing to not have to stand in a long line to check bags, wait for ages to clear security and then hang about for hours hoping your flight will not be delayed then repeating much of the process in reverse on landing at your destination! Lucky girl!