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Erotic Memoirs of a Middlesex Escort

Ant and Decadent lust in Middlesex

28th February 2012

Anthony knew that he had struck lucky with the two gorgeous visiting escorts. The girls were stunning and as sexy as can be and the sex fest he was experiencing was like no other romp he had experienced. He had met the sexy Middlesex girls in a wine bar in Twickenham where they were enjoying a bottle of cava having finished their escort work for the day and he had immediately felt a flush of desire and lust wash over his body. He had a penchant for light bondage and he had been overjoyed when the girls threw themselves wholeheartedly into his fantasy, playing along and indeed enjoying every minute of the raunchy sex session.

Gemma was his favourite with her brown locks and her pouting mouth, which she put to good use on his stiff manhood. Hermione was also a hot Middlesex girl but she was a little more restrained in her love making and not as skilled with her fingers or tongue as her busty escort friend. Anthony enjoyed the girls repeatedly and in particular enjoyed providing oral pleasure, the close shaven pussy of Gemma receiving plenty of attention.

With the girls at his mercy he spanked their bottoms and stroked their pert breasts, his hands wandering all over the young and nubile torsos of his sexy lovers. The room was filled with moans and sighs and sex hung heavily in the air. Anthony was insatiable, his libido at boiling point as he enjoyed a carnal encounter like no other before it, a raunchy romp without compare.

After two hours of hot loving the trio lay side by side on the huge bed, limbs entwined and a drowsiness washing over them that soon turned into a snooze and then into sleep. When Anthony woke a good six hours later the girls had gone and the solicitor cursed himself for not having stayed awake, fearing he had lost forever the chance to enjoy the two lusty Middlesex escorts ever again...

Meanwhile the two busty escorts were making their way home, laughing and joking as they relived the sexy events of the night before and determined to do it all over again, but perhaps with another date so as to keep the sense of anticipation high and the experience fresh and new. The girls were due to be working as Middlesex escorts later in the day so it would be home for a soothing shower and a refreshing nap before dressing up in their sexy best ready to give the most sublimely sexy sensual massages to their lucky and discerning clients once more... It just happened that Anthony was at that very moment looking at the Middlesex Escort Agency’s website for a glimpse of the girls in the online gallery, his desire for more time in their sexy company overpowering...