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12th April 2012

I was very much in lust and I just couldn’t keep my hands off the delectable damsel, Sally making my heart go boom, boom, boom as the song goes! That ‘loved up’ feeling you get at the beginning of a new relationship is something else. I just love the way that you feel. It’s as if the almighty herself has switched on a couple of dozen more startlingly bright spot lights, that each and every one of your senses has somehow been retuned  and enhanced, as though the birds are constantly singing and that all is well in your own little world. Of course the fact that I always felt horny during this time helped with the rose tinted spectacles! If I looked back over the course of my many relationships I could track the break ups to month four in most cases, after you have enjoyed complete physical intimacy time and time again and have exhausted all of the possibilities for ever better sex. The better sex was with the next partner in my opinion; though ‘better’ is the wrong word. It wasn’t that the intercourse improved, it was just that it was fresh. Learning a new partner’s favourite positions, listening to their moans during orgasm, exploring a fresh, new, lithe and nubile body... all of this made the next partner an improvement. Month one is better than month four so have as many month ones as you can! I guess that is one reason why I am so good at being a busty escort. The girls at Middlesex Visiting escort services often tell me that I am one of the best escorts in the county but it is the reviews I get from my clients where they compliment me on my appearance or on my sexy sensual massage techniques that mean the most...

Well I was slap, bang, wallop right in the centre of month one with Sally. She was my girl with an angel tattoo and I adored every inch of her sweet body. My passion was further enflamed because it was obvious that she couldn’t get enough of me either. We had literally spent entire days in bed enjoying each other, orgasm after orgasm. And the more that we took each other to the heights of a sexual Vesuvius we would find a way to scale the next peak of orgasmic delight. The ultimate goal would be Everest but for now we were at base camp.

We had planned to meet up later that day at the Adam and Eve in Hayes but I was feeling hot and horny and so I called the sexy Middlesex girl and suggested that we spend the evening together instead. She said she was feeling flush having just sold some of her artwork – it was new to me that she was creative for a living – and that she wanted to treat me to something special. She knew of a hotel that specialised in sexy scenarios and was I up for it?