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Erotic Memoirs of a Middlesex Escort

A sensual massage for the Middlesex escort

18th April 2012

The evening had been a thrill ride, the heady and intense air of sex intoxicating and delicious. Sally was an imaginative lover and she liked to be in control, enjoying the freedom to explore and exploit my willing torso. I was powerless to resist the sexy girl and so I abandoned myself to her flights of sexual fancy, experiencing the most sensual and sublime of sensations. If I had ever doubted the power of lesbian love then I would doubt no more. There was something soft, romantic and ephemeral to our lovemaking, as though it was all taking place behind a silky gauze. The dim lighting afforded by the candles served only to illuminate shadows and as we couples our conjoined form appeared dancing on the walls as the flames flickered.

After we were spent, our passion subsiding and our bodies satisfied we lay in each others’ arms, naked and glistening with salty sweat. It was warm and smoky, the atmosphere as intoxicating as the intimate companionship. This was the stuff of fantasies and the evening was still young as Sally turned me over and sat across my back, applying perfumed massage oil across my lithe limbs and my upper body. The sensual massage was the stuff of dreams and as I inhaled more of the scented candles I found myself drifting off into a state of semi-consciousness.

My eyelids felt heavy and I struggled to move my limbs. As if in a dream, through a grey green haze I watched as Sally stood and walked to the centre of the room, her tattooed body and her flowing red locks magnificent. In silhouette I enjoyed the shape of her hips and breasts and I watched as she lay her head back, accentuating the delicious curve of her neck. She had all the poise, the grace and erotic power of a Middlesex visiting escort and I marvelled at her elegant gait as she twirled and stretched, her legs together, her feet on tip toes and her arms above her head. In the blur of my consciousness I remember thinking if not a visiting escort, a ballerina then!

It was at this point that I drifted in and out of consciousness and cannot be sure of events or whether I am recounting reality or reliving in my mind a deep seated fantasy of my own. But what I saw appeared to be someone standing next to Sally, his hands wandering over her young and naked body, the hot Middlesex girl performing a sexy slow dance for the well built man. Then he lifted the petite beauty and sat her on the edge of a sideboard, her legs wrapped around his muscular body...