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A Rose by any other name...

30th June 2012

In the play sixteenth century Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and whilst it is true that a moniker does not alter the reality of any particular thing it is also the case that it does affect the perception of that thing. Take John Wayne for instance. Would he have been as successful as the tough movie star in so many Westerns if he had used his real name, Marion Robert Morrison? Would Elton John have been as successful a singer and performer if he had used his real name, the rather mundane and humdrum Reginald Kenneth Dwight?

In the bestselling book Freakonomics the economist authors did an analysis of names to discover whether they were indeed linked to monetary success and actually they concluded that a name did not automatically make you a winner or a loser in life. The actual determining factor of success was the same as it has always been – who you were born to, how you grew up and whether or not you had natural sporting or intellectual prowess.

But, as I wrote earlier perception can be an important factor. Take the sexy escorts of Middlesex Visiting Escort Services. What image does the name Adelle conjure up or better still busty escort Cindy? Let me put myself into the shoes of a male client looking to book a date with a visiting escort from this escort agency. The images are not loading and I have to rely on names alone. I see the name ‘Cindy’. When I think of Cindy I already imagine a fun loving blonde escort, a party girl with a beaming smile and a try anything once attitude. I imagine the good time I will have in her company and I have no hesitation calling Middlesex escorts and booking the sexy girl.

How about Natalia? Immediately I assume that the girl will be exotic somehow, a European escort with a cool and sexy demeanour. I picture a Bond Girl such as in Goldeneye or Quantum of Solace. What images come to mind when you think of a Natalia?

Are there names that just do not work as a visiting escort? How about Wendy or Gladys, Norma or Gertrude? See what I mean? It’s all in the imagination, in the perception of reality and whilst I cannot argue with the findings of the super clever folk who produced Freakonomics (made into a film incidentally if you prefer that medium to the written word and want to learn more about their unusual take on economics) I still come down on the side of Marion and Reginald and conclude that in some circumstances perception is reality!