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A penchant for pretty and petite lovelies?

9th November 2014

Having spent all week exercising the little grey cells in search of vocabulary that can adequately describe hot and exciting women for a book on desire I have reached the letter ‘p’, as in I will have a p please Bob! This letter lends itself perfectly to my task as it gives access to such descriptive and powerful words as ‘passionate’, ‘plentiful’, ‘petite’, ‘pretty’ and ‘pert’.

Is there anything better than a truly passionate woman when it comes to arousing a man’s innermost desires? A woman who has a passion for life, is passionate during intimate moments and who can light a passionate fire in a man’s heart is much sought after, cherished and indeed desired. If her love is bountiful, plentiful and forthcoming then you are one lucky man indeed. Having had the good fortune to have spent time with hot and passionate girls I know what I am talking about.

I have a personal penchant for pretty and petite lovelies, sweet girls who come in perfect packages. It goes without saying that such a beauty will be pert, delicious and desirable in equal measure. Looking at the stunning escorts at Middlesex Escorts and at Surrey Escorts there are a number who have caught my eye but alas I will be unable to enjoy a sensual massage at their hands this evening as I am duty bound to suffer a night in front of the computer tip tapping away. How I envy you lucky folks who get to feel the full heat of passion tonight!