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24th May 2012

He was a man who knew his own mind and I liked that. He had made no pretence about romance or relationships and he appreciated that I was looking for neither. My interest was purely physical and I hoped that we would consummate our date with hot sex back at his place.

John had been a blind date set up by one of my best friends, a hot visiting escort at Middlesex escorts, the visiting escort agency where I worked twice a week providing intimate companionship and the occasional sensual massage to my friendly clients who were all regulars and appreciated me for who I am. I had never looked for any kind of long term commitment from a man and nor did I want it. Whilst some people love the closeness that a true boyfriend and girlfriend coupling can bring for me it just equated to being tied down and losing your freedom, and my freedom was important to me as I just loved illicit liaisons and sexual adventures and John was proving adept at both.

The busty escort had warned me that John was impetuous and also demanding, he enjoyed being in control and liked his women to be subservient. That suited me just fine as I prefer strong, confident older man who knows what they want and don’t beat about the bush. The fact that he had brought me to a gentlemen’s club on our first date was his way of saying take me for what I am or not at all. It was also a way to test me and see if I could live up to his sexy expectations. Well I had no doubts on that score and my clients at the escort agency would no doubt back me up should anyone ever have the gall to say otherwise.

As John enjoyed the sexy performances of the scantily clad dancers and even flirted with the topless waitress who served our champagne I decided I would give him a night to remember. He may be thinking that the girls parading about in their skimpies before him were hot stuff but he would realise the difference when he enjoyed the real thing. I planned to do a private dance of my own for the lusty man, followed up with a saucy striptease and then mind blowing sex that would last all night long. I hoped that he had the stamina for what lay ahead!

I sent a text to the sexy escort who had set me up on the date and thanked her. I just knew that John and I would have a fabulous time when we got up all close and personal later in his five star hotel bed room...