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A chance encounter means lust in the air for the Middlesex girls

20th March 2012

I was in two minds about what to do, my flirting with the young blonde waitress having been well received and even encouraged. She was around nineteen, slim and toned, a petite thing with pert breasts and nice ankles. She had a lovely bright smile that warmed a room and her pouting lips were perfection – I couldn’t help but think of her using her luscious lips to give me an orgasm... The really striking thing about the girl though was her hair, black with a streak of red running through it. I noticed when she served me and leant over in front of me that she had a large tattoo across her chest, some kind of delicate flowers as well as tattoos on her arms. When she asked me if I wanted anything else I noticed a slight lisp then realised it was because the sexy girl had her tongue pierced.

In all she was a strange combination of sex kitten and street fighter and I just had to have her. It was clear that she was certainly lesbian or bi-sexual, she enjoyed my chatter and responded when I gently lay a hand on her wrist as she served, complimenting her on  her cool tattoos and her sexy ass. She laughed at my remark and leant in close, whispering in my ear that I could see a lot more of her arse when she got off work later if I was interested. How could I not be? We introduced ourselves and I found out that the hot girl was called Tori, short for Victoria.

I arranged to meet her at eight that evening at a bar on Northwood that she said she liked because it served real ale. It was called the Gate and it was in Rickmansworth Road. I thought that I knew it but no matter I could use sat nav if I needed to. I paid the bill and as I left, trying to appear nonchalant she patted me on my behind to prick my pride, a cheeky gesture that had me really fired up for the night ahead.

For now I was working as a sexy escort and so I made my way to my date for the evening, one of my regular clients from Middlesex Visiting Escort Services. He was an interesting and sexy older guy and he liked busty escorts. Well I certainly fit the bill. I didn’t know what mood he would be in but what I did know was that he was in for an extra special date as I was so fired up by my encounter with Tori that I felt really sexy. He was sure in for an extra special sensual massage and that was for certain!