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A bite out of the apple

17th September 2012

The new iPhone is almost with us and everyone I know is going mad, desperate to be amongst the first to get their hands on the gadget. Everyone except me that is. I used to be a big fan of Apple and in fact I do have an old Apple computer and an iPod. But I have fallen out of love with the brand since it became the kind of corporate giant that it used to once shun. If camouflage is the new black then Apple are the new Microsoft as far as I am concerned.

Listen to this sorry tale. I use iTunes and quite often I will watch a television series or a film on my Ipod, especially if I’m travelling to some far flung destination like Scotland. Well, last night I thought I would download something new as I have been watching the same movie for about a week now. Anyway, I opened iTunes and entered the store and then navigated to television series, found something I wanted and then pressed the ‘buy’ button. It then asked me for my password. The trouble is I always remembered my password until Apple made me have a more complicated one and now I can’t remember it. I used the link for them to send me a reset email but after fifteen minutes it still hadn’t arrived so I started inputting the many different passwords that inhabit my life hoping to strike lucky. After a bunch of fails I was informed that not only was the password incorrect but also I wouldn’t be able to reset my password for eight hours! Jeez! I hadn’t even received the reset email yet!

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