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Welcome to Middlesex Escorts

Middlesex escorts is a high class, great value escort agency bringing you the very best in local model escorts. We provide a local outcall escort service in Middlesex and the surrounding areas, and our prompt and reliable service is second to none. Our sexy girls are skilled in the art of seduction, and will satisfy even the most discerning of gentlemen or gentlewoman - any man or woman who enjoys the company of young, sexy and willing visiting escorts is in for a real treat. 

We strive to create a service where gentlemen or women living or passing through Middlesex can enjoy some quality time with a female companion who has shown she can entertain and indulge in the most exciting and sexy playful fun. Discrete and professional, sexy and beautiful, intellectual and inspiring, our lovely Middlesex model escorts offer an experience that you will want to repeat time and time again. And once more, we stress that our gorgeous escorts can visit you anywhere in the Middlesex area.

We pay close attention to the requirements of our clients. To begin with we try to cater for all tastes and we are aware that not every man or woman is going to be attracted to the same type of girl and that’s why we have put together a group of female escorts each with something different to offer a date. You may want to spend time with someone who is shy and submissive or alternatively you may prefer a girl who is the life and soul of the party. Unlike other escort agencies we will always try to satisfy our clients' wants and needs, so that you are totally happy with your model dating experience.

For exciting, sexy companionship that promises to arouse your deepest desires telephone Middlesex Escorts without delay. Call 01707-647777 and speak to one of our friendly team. The girl of your dreams is on her way…

The Girls

Just how does one define the indefinable? How can you encapsulate sex appeal, a fun loving attitude and a commitment to giving your best at all times? How does high quality, high standards and high heels work? Or better still, how about we just get straight to the point and recommend that you book a stunning girl with a fun loving personality from Middlesex Escorts! Allure and seduction have never been so embodied and intertwined as they are in the form of one of these unparralleled sexy sirens. 

Renowned for their physical charms as well as their delightful personalities our stunning escort girls are certain to lure you into their web of  seduction. You will enjoy the build up to your nubile girl's arrival, will luxuriate in her sexy and fun loving presence and will be satisfied by her sublime massage skills. Our girls provide the ultimate in sensual massages and intimate companionship and each of our Middlesex Escorts availability is detailed on the girls' own pages.

The Promise

When only the best will do choose Middlesex Escorts for your dating needs. With a track record of success built on superlative customer service and enchanting escort beauties we have set a benchmark for intimate companionship services. When our clients aren't happy we aren't happy and we know that you highly value a service rooted in privacy, discretion, professionalism and integrity. That is why we have set ourselves a number of indicators of a quality service and expressed them as a series of promises to you, our valued client. Our assurances to you:

  • only real visiting escort beauties are featured on this site
  • all photographs of escorts on the site are genuine
  • all factual information supplied in the profiles is to the best of our knowledge accurate
  • a completely discrete service
  • a business philosophy centred on dealing honesty and fairly with the escorts, staff and clients
  • stunning escorts who love what they do
  • reliability and timeliness of service guaranteed

Call Middlesex Escorts on 01707 647777 and enjoy a great time in the company of a sexy and fun loving visiting escort beauty.

Low Prices

It is a common misconception that an escort agency sets fees for the services provided. In fact, the escort herself will agree a fee with a client. What we can say though is that with Middlesex Escorts there are no hidden costs and no last minute extras. What's more, with Middlesex Escorts the charges are low by comparison, with a standard charge of around on ehundred and twenty five pounds for an hour of dating pleasure and with discounts available for longer bookings. With this kind of value why delay, call today and book a Middlesex Escort to brighten up your life. And with our one hour guarantee that special date with your perfect girl is only minutes away.

Out and About

Here at Middlesex Escorts our ambition is to provide you with more than just a visiting escort and massage service. And that's why you will find all sorts of stuff for people visiting the area so that you can get the most from your Middlesex Escort dating experience. Looking for a hotel? Check out the hotel reviews. A top restaurant for a special occasion? Check out the town guides. Something sexy to get you going on a wet weekend? erotic Memoirs of a Middlesex Escort will do the trick! If you're a local and you don't agree with our recommendations then please drop us a line with your insider knowledge and we will look to incorporate the tips in our descriptions.


You may have noticed whilst gently perusing the heady and intoxicating pages featuring each of our delightful damsels in various states of undress that messages scroll up the left hand side of the screen. These are reviews written by genuine clients. If you have enjoyed a fabulous experience with on eof our sexy sirens recently submit a review - the escorts bathe in the adoration!

Easy Reading

'Erotic Memoirs of a Middlesex Escort' as featured on our home page is a sex and satirical homage to the Belle du Jour type diaries. Written by a motley collection of folks here at the agency the stories aim to tease and please and raise a chuckle or two. Any budding erotic fiction authors out there with a minute to spare and who have a tale or two of the taboo to email over for our reading pleasure please do but remember, we don't pay a fee! Anyway, in all seriousness, we sincerely hope that you get a kick out of the stories and if you do, let us know!

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Erotic Memoirs of a Middlesex Escort

All the latest news and sexy stories from Middlesex Escorts

  • A penchant for pretty and petite lovelies?

  • 9th November 2014

  • Having spent all week exercising the little grey cells in search of vocabulary that can adequately describe hot and exciting women for a book on desire I have reached the letter ‘p’, as in I will have a p please Bob! This letter lends itself perfectly to my task as it gives access to such descriptive and powerful words as ‘passionate’, ‘plentiful’, ‘petite’, ‘pretty’ and ‘pert’. Is there anything better than a truly passionate woman when it comes to arousing a man’s innermost desires? A woman who has a passion for life, is passionate during intimate moments and who can light...

  • A penchant for pretty and petite lovelies? continues here.

  • Man cannot live by bread alone...

  • 19th October 2014

  • There are certain things in life that we consider to be essentials, like food, drink, a place to sleep and shelter over our heads. Depending on where you are born you might need to add ‘heat’ to that list. Apart from those staples everything else can be considered a luxury. But of course it is not as simple as all that. As someone much clever than I once wrote, ‘man cannot live by bread alone’. And even if the food is a gastronomic miracle, the bed a divine creation or the drink intoxicating there still needs to be something beyond...

  • Man cannot live by bread alone... continues here.

  • Live in the moment

  • 28th September 2014

  • There is a Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ that you may have heard uttered by motivational speakers, bosses, sportspeople and the like. It means ‘seize the day’ and latterly came to fame and prominence in a film starring Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society. Basically it means do not put off tomorrow what you could do today, be extraordinary, take control of your own destiny, make the most of your talents. For me it also means, book a Middlesex Escort! I mean, why saunter through life accepting second best? Having been in a few ‘steady’ relationships in my time I came to...

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  • Now he knows what he wasmissing...

  • 8th September 2014

  • They say that we covet what we see every day but when it comes to men that hasn’t been my experience. I mean, I have been going to my local pub in central Middlesex regularly for an early evening drink on a Friday for ages and I’ve never been of a mind to seduce any of the regulars, though to be fair they are all married men (though that hasn’t stopped me in the past!) I guess one of the things I like about being an escort at Middlesex Escorts is that I get to meet new people on a...

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  • So seductive..

  • 21st August 2014

  • The weather seems to be turning though it is not yet September. I will the summer months, especially the long days on the beach enjoying the many delightful views to be had and I don’t mean of the shoreline. The hot summer has brought out the hot girls, often wearing little more than some cut off shorts and a skimpy top. As someone who is a connoisseur of beautiful women - who wouldn’t be looking at the stunning model escorts at Middlesex Escorts and Bedfordshire Escorts – I am appreciative of nature’s helping hand when it comes to revealing...

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